Wednesday, June 11, 2008

She's got HAIR!

31 weeks and 4 days... We may be a LITTLE biased, but we think she's the most beautiful baby in the world... just look at that cute button nose! And those gorgeous lips in the side pic with her little  hand by her face! And yes, in the 2D black-and-white shot, that white stuff sprouting from her scalp is HAIR! Since I was bald for the first 3 years of life, this is a pretty big deal! Maybe she won't need those velcro bows to stick to her hairless head, and even in pink frilly dresses people won't say what a cute little boy! Hmmm, guess I was more traumatized by the lack of hair thing than I thought... 
She weighs in at  3lbs 11 oz, just perfect. Everything looked fantastic-- we saw her spinal cord (not just the bones but the actual cord!), all the tiny parts of her heart, brain, gallbladder, kidneys-- every little thing! She was even "practice" breathing, which apparently is the most sensitive sign of fetal well-being! We have a video too if anyone isn't too bored by our bursting-with-pride parent brag session :-) Amazing how 2 little cells can turn into this perfect human being with all these complicated, perfectly working parts!  It's easy to take for granted the incredible blessing of having a healthy baby, and we are so very thankful for that!

Saturday, June 7, 2008

Day of the Bumbo

Shower at Cameron's June 7-- she really should do this for a living! Check out the beautiful cake! Can you spot the other gestating ones in the group photo? Thanks to a registry snafu at Babies-R-Us, we got 3 baby bumbos, amazingly in all different colors!  I don't mind one bit, they're apparently ALL the rave with new moms these days :-)  What great friends I have!


Authentic Indian surprise baby shower with all the wonderful Cone residents! Neither Jay or I have ever been successfully surprised in our lives... until now! Unfortunately for the partygoers, we were an hour and a half late! We thought it was a drop in sort of thing, and were running late after meeting Jay's fam in Winston-Salem for lunch... I'm quite sure Sejal nearly had a heart attack! But everything turned out perfectly, what an absolutely perfect surprise! Check out the authentic Indian apparel! Apparently my forehead is a bit crooked, as I couldn't get my jewels to stay in place! Oh well, maybe Elle will get her dad's forehead :-)

28 and 1/2 weeks!