Wednesday, April 2, 2014

The very best of friends

Some friends you feel like you've known forever.

Some friends you really have known forever. 

From the days before you could sit up unassisted,

To your days noshing on finger foods in the Creeper room

Frolicking as tag-alongs at your sisters' social events,

So in tune that you showed up at school perfectly coordinated

Friends you spend your vacation with 

And share your sippy cups with

Friends who are always up for a hug

Or a little push 

Friends that keep you afloat

Who are always by your side

Cheering with you on the sidelines

Helping you reach for the stars balloons,

Brave the weather

and work on your masterpieces

Friends who will be silly with you

And with whom you can always be yourself.

May we all have such a friend.