Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Just the facts

Good dental hygiene is key.

As is head protection. 

And after last week's tumble down the stairs, I think this should be standard precautions
Clothes are overrated.

Playing in the rain is underrated.

A girl should always be properly accessorized. 

Ice cream is delicious.

Living creatures should enter our house with caution. 

It's a miracle you survived the weekend at Casa de Golding, Boomer.

Inanimate creatures, on the other hand, are very well received.

And, sometimes you just need a good rest.

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

A few of my favorite things

Memorial Day weekend was full of all sorts of our favorite things.





Strawberry picking. 

And eating.

Dining al fresco.

Celebrating this, 7 years ago.


Water balloons.

Sidewalk chalk. 

Good friends.

Good friends in costume.

 Good friends eating good food. 

Did I mention her?

A fabulous weekend, indeed. 

Big Debut

Oh, my little performer. 
Ever the drama queen, Elle took the stage for her dance recital earlier this month. She enjoys dancing, but I think the thrill for her is in the performing, more than the actual dance steps. In typical Elle fashion, she took her debut very seriously, and showed me the routines at home with grand flourishing movements and her hilarious (but don't you dare laugh) "performance face". Imagine the expression one might have if doing an impression of a snooty queen, and you've got a reasonable idea of what this entails. An occassional smile, but mostly this self-imposed serious in-character (of sorts) face. 

There are only 3 classes in her dance school-- all younger kids-- so I was warned the recital only lasted about 30 minutes in total, including a short intermission. As it would be classic us to miss the entire thing because of some last minute frivolty necessity that prevented us from getting in the car in any sort of efficient manner, I insisted that we leave 30 minutes ahead of schedule. It worked. Too bad the same can't be said for my weekday mornings...

En route, Elle was fiddling with my iphone. I asked her what she was doing, and she responded matter-of-factly: "I'm trying to invite Siri to my dance recital."
I informed her that Siri was not, in fact, a real person but rather a computer that was part of the phone. Visibly disconcerted, she reluctantly accepted the fact that Siri wouldn't be in the audience that evening. By comparison, I wonder if Santa Claus will be a relatively easier letdown. 

Despite the disappointment that her pal Siri isn't real, E performed magnificently during the show. She even had a little solo, when all the dancers got to come across the stage and do their own little dance for a few seconds. Adorable.

The beginning and end of the ballet routine began with the girls face-down on the floor, hands behind them. This now and forevermore shall be how all dancing begins and ends in Elle's world. Whether jamming to Beastie Boys in the garage or the Chevy commercial in the living room, she always starts and ends on the floor like this. 

I have more pictures than narrative as the dancing ensued. 

Every time the curtain would close after a group of dancers had finished, Elise pointed to the stage as if to say, "Where's Elle?". Then she'd clap and clap when she saw her sister reappear for the next  number. 
Definitely big sis's biggest fan. 

At the conclusion of the recital, all the girls were given little trophies. I thought this seemed a little odd-- they didn't win anything--- and cheesy. But oh, my goodness did Elle think that was the best thing ever. She proudly showed off her trophy to everyone after the show, including the waitresses and random other customers at the post-recital celebratory dinner. She even slept with the thing and came running to me the next morning with it clutched tightly in her hand. Who cares if it was superfluous? She can have a thousand trophies in my book. 

Great job, my little prima donna.

Friday, May 17, 2013

Not ready

I wasn't ready for this.

E's first dance recital, post to follow.

Or this.

Kindergarten Tour
And especially not this, which ambushed me from Elle's cubby one afternoon with absolutely no warning whatsoever.

Seriously, I used to mock the concept of preschool graduation. It's preschool, people. But now I'm the teary-eyed mess just thinking about my baby, ahem, preschooler, ahem pre-kindergartner closing this chapter in her life. And it hasn't been insignificant. She will be graduating with kids she's known spent 8-10+ hours a day with since she was 12 weeks old. 

Nothing bonds you like sharing diapers when your Mom forgets to restock your supply. Or comparing spit-up distances (insert proud mother-of-the-incontestable-winner face here). Or learning to share. To bite. Not to bite. Celebrating birthdays and big girl panties. Pledging to marry Nick. And Ryan. 

Hugs upon hugs upon hugs. 

We've spent almost 5 years with these kids, their parents, and their wonderful teachers. I know whether I'm on time for work based on which minivans are in the parking lot. It has become our routine, a reassuring familiarity throughout this unfamiliar chaos that is first-childom. I couldn't have asked for a better place to prepare Elle for "big school" and though she'll still be there for after-school care but it won't quite be the same. One more step toward the dreaded growing up...
So if you hear sniffling in the audience at preschool graduation, take pity on the over-sentimental mom who used to think those things were a joke...

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Post-its to my girls

Dear Elise,
I love the way your eyes disappear when you give me that scrunched-up face smile.

Dear Elle,
I love the passion with which you embrace all things in life. You wear your emotions on your sleeve, and while that can certainly be trying at times, I hope you always feel comfortable pouring your heart out to me.

Dear girls,
Remember that you can face any challenge in life, no matter how big or intimidating. And remember that it's always easier with each other.

My loves,
Be yourself. If that means tutus and mismatched leggings, then so be it. I will always love you, no matter how tacky you are.

Yo, munchkin:
You're not a morning person. I get that. But maybe... just maybe... if you'd sleep in just a little longer, you'd wake up in a better mood? Or at least your Mommy might.

My beautiful girls,
Love your body. Even if you don't fit into all the things you'd like.

Dear girls,
Choose you friends wisely.

Dear little daredevil,
I love that you aren't afraid of anything. This also stresses me out. 

Dear ravenous pirannah children,
I understand that you're starving when we get home in the evenings. But I am a much more efficient dinner-maker when I don't have one arm occupied with holding the wee pirranah and the other consoling her big sister whilst listening to you whine in accordance with your respective stages of verbal development about how hungry you are.

Feed me

Dear Elise,
My current favorite thing in the whole wide world  is your eagerness to oblige when I ask for a hug or kiss.

Little ones,
Please, please. Don't grow up too fast.

My darlings,
Be compassionate. Remember to help those around you.

Dear kids,
Don't be afraid to get your feet wet. I love that you both are brave and adventurous.

Dearest E,
When I say I need to go do dishes and make lunches and clean up instead, remind me that the dishes aren't going anywhere. You won't always ask me to snuggle with you before you go to sleep.

I don't think it's possible to be a working mom and not feel guilty about being away from your kids. But I hope you both know that at the end of the day, you are my top priority. And that you can be anything you want to be whether that's a doctor, a ballerina, a race car driver, or a princess. Or all of the above.

Sweet sweet girls,
I am so proud of you both. I would do anything in this world for you. 
Love,  Your Mommy