Saturday, February 4, 2012


I realize the danger inherent in comparing my two daughters-- heck, I'm still traumatized by the fact that my grandfather asked as he watched me graduate first in my class at Duke University School of Medicine,, "But where are YOUR medals?". Turns out, my twin sister had been given medals for various awards when she graduated from medical school in Florida a week earlier. So at the risk of making either feel inadequate, I couldn't resist a few comparison shots of the Golding girls' newborn-hood. 

At first glance, they aren't that similar- Elle had blondish red hair (which transitioned to no hair) and sear-your-retinas pale complexion. Elise has dark hair and a much more olivey complexion. But you can't deny they are sisters. 

I absolutely did not pose this shot-- just was reminded of the earlier photo the second I saw the one of Elise. Eerie.

Dichotomy of The Bath. These sum up what I've found to be the fundamental differences in their personalities so far. 
E1 = Drama.

 E2 = Pensive Consternation.

"Hmm. Now this is an experience with which I am thus far unfamiliar. I am not certain how I feel about it and will therefore reserve judgement until I have gathered further evidence."

Other than the hair color, and the age difference (Elise is about 3 weeks older than Elle was in these pics), there expressions are strangely similar.

 Definitely sisters. And for what it's worth, you both get medals in my book.

The first week, in photos