Tuesday, October 1, 2013


Elle: All three Golding girls are wearing zucchinis!
Me: You mean bikinis?
E: I'm going to call them zucchinis.

Good to know the rules don't apply to you, little one.
E: I want to be grown up enough to stay up late but not enough to have to do dishes and laundry.

E: Can I have a pet lion?
Me: How would you catch him?
E: I'd ask a cheetah to get him for me.

After using the bathroom at Kevin Harvick's house during a party, E comes running out to find him (in the midst of conversation with a rather large gathering of people): Mr Kevin! Mr. Kevin! Your toilet paper is Wonnnnnderful!

What, you don't have head shots of your kid in a guillotine? With gratuitous painted blood? 

In keeping with the bathroom humor, E states while on the potty, "Mommy, I think my butt is trying to tell me something, but I guess it doesn't know that I don't speak butt."

Love the new fascination with the word "Butt". Thank you, Kindergarten.

E: Daddy, can you turn down that music? It's bursting my ear wax.

Fry Art.

E: Can we ride in a tangerine?
Me: The fruit?
E: No, not the fruit tangerine, the boat tangerine. You know, the one that goes underwater.
Me: Oh, you mean submarine!
E: I'm going to call it tangerine. (See above)

Reading books before bed, and Jay comes in for prayers. E: Daddy, what did you just eat? Your breath smells pear-ish.

Out of the blue: I may not be the best listener, but I do draw the best pictures for our family.
Way to focus on your strengths, E.

Me: Since you never really used your balance bike, maybe we can get Elise to start riding it?
E: Oh no, Mommy! She will surely fall to her death.

When asked about excessive talking at school: But Mommy, I had important things to say!

And a few Elise-isms, which are gradually increasing in prevalence...
Driving by the llama farm on the way to daycare-- Me: Elise, do you think the llamas will be out today?
Lil E: Yah!
Me: Oh well, no llamas out today. Maybe they're still sleeping.
Lil E: Night-night llamas!

Lil E (puts her lunch bag over her shoulder and waves to me): Bye-bye Snap Snap!
Me: Snap snap?
Lil E: Puts down bag (with perceived exasperation) and opens and closes her hands: Snap snap! Bye-bye snap snap!
Me, assisted by the hand motions: Alligator? Bye-bye alligator? Ohhhh! See you later, alligator!
Lil E: Yah! Bye-bye snap snap!