Friday, August 29, 2014

From the desk of Elle Golding

I am stricken with some pathology that makes me bawl every time I see this. The same bizzare tenderheartedness that makes me cry when I see old people eating ice cream. Strange, I know. 

Love the drawing of her whining and my face with the exasperated huffing sound. Guess I'm pretty predictable...

Mmmmmm, indeed.

I think the Disney Cruise Ship wish may be partly secondary gain...
Elle was quiet way too long one morning, and I walked into her room to find that she had organized, labeled, and set up business for a Pet Shop.
Complete with singing anumls

Sleep time anumls, Wield anumls, Sweet anumls


Hibernaet anumls

And the Speshls.

I wanted a sleep time anuml, but they were way out of my price range. 
The itinerary for a snow day in February.

One musn't forget to Eat The Diner
And my personal favorite

Blog blitzkrieg

I am so far behind in the blogging world, I have made an executive decision to catch up in a whirlwind of photos and concise captions that shall henceforth be known as the Blog Blitzkrieg.
Ready? Here we go.

There was snow.

Who knew the size 18-month astronaut costume, soccer socks, galoshes and mismatched winter accessories could be so stylish?

After extensive testing, this position proved to be the most aerodynamic.

Em was only a few days old, so she napped inside while the SnowEm stood in for her in the family photo.
We braved a "fancy" restaurant for my birthday with 3 small children, one of whom was barely 3 weeks old.

Arrived at 5pm on a mission. Dined lavishly and out by 5:55. Efficiency only ParentsOfSmallChildren can achieve.

Despite the tomfoolery apparent in this picture, they were quite well behaved.

These kids will do anything for good steak. 
We napped.
Well, one of us did at least.

Ummmm.... this happened.

Naptime shenanigans at their finest.

Try getting diaper cream out of carpet. And stuffed animals. And teeny tiny holes of the pillow pal. 
First haircuts ensued.

So grown up.
There was Easter.

And an apparent lapse in maternal supervision.

Celebrating with family

Ears make everything more festive.

See what I mean?

Soccer trophies were earned. 

And the cheering section was richly rewarded.

I love this face. So. Much.
More maternal supervision was lacking.

Clearly the 3rd kid when I grab the camera before rescuing the baby...
Books were read. And loved ones were snuggled.

Recitals were danced.

When did she grow up?!

Reptiles were greeted.

Last days of school were celebrated.

And just like that, the school year ended just the way it started. 

Except now she can read and write essentially anything, do math I'm pretty sure we were taught around 3rd grade, and somehow has become this Little Girl. Who seems to be racing towards the day I have to drop the descriptor Little
And the End of Kindergarten was celebrated.

With cake, of course.


An extremely belated post of E-isms, accumulated over the past 6 months or so...

After a long stretch of relatively diminuitive verbosity, Elise suddenly started spewing forth sentences and paragraphs that would just crack us up. Now she talks nonstop and is incredibly witty and sassy.
She surprised us with one of her first full sentences at dinner one night:
Emerson woke up from a nap in her car seat while we were eating, and I picked her up to hold her at the table. Elise, singlemindedly focused on her plate of food as usual, looks up briefly at me and says, "Welcome to da table, baby Em-ah-son", then turns attention right back to her plate.

Elle's kindergarten music teacher stopped me one day to tell me this story:
Their class was divided into groups and given flash cards with quarter notes, eighth notes, rests, etc so they could put together a rhythm. E was captain of her group so she got to hand out the cards. When it was time for her group to "perform", she was going to town reading her cards and playing the rhythm on her instrument but the other kids in her group were just sitting there looking around. The teacher asked what was going on-- did they not understand the assignment? 
One of the boys answered, "Oh, Elle gave us all the rests"

Clever. Very clever.
Riding to the beach, I asked Elle from the front seat if Elise had fallen asleep. Before Elle could report back, Elise says demonstratively, "I am awake! Look at my eyes!!"

Elise in conversation with her waffle this morning: Good morning waffle. How you doing today waffle? We going to school. You going to waffle school?

No words necessary on this one. I came downstairs after putting Emerson to bed to find this.

A very compliant baby bird, indeed.
In the car on the way to daycare... Elise: Mommy, I fed baby Em-ah-son mulch.
Me: What?!
Elise: It was in my shoe. From the playground. (Pause) She looked hungry.

Driving to daycare past the llama farm as always, Elle points out the window and says, "Hey Mommy-- see that llama standing all by himself way back there? Well, it's just like they said in Vacation Bible School... Don't worry little llama! Even if you feel left out, Jesus loves you!"

Elise, opening a little pink New Testament and running her fingers along the words "reading", "Jesus loves me, this I know! The End!"

Yup. That pretty much sums it up.
Me, pointing to a mouse doctor with a stethoscope around his neck in a book, "Elise, what does a doctor use to check your heart?"
Elise: X-ways.
Mommy's girl. Future radiologist.

In the middle of a particularly trying attempt at grocery shopping with my trio of littles, Elle must have sensed my frustration, "Mommy, are we being high maintenance?"

At dinner one night I asked Elise what shape the pizza slices were, hoping for her to correctly identify the triangle. After a long pause, I said Ok Elle, you tell her. E1 hesitated and said she wasn't sure. Frustrated at her obvious unwillingness to cooperate, I said, "Elle, of course you know!! What shape is this?!" She still didn't answer, so I huffed, "Come on, just tell us! Don't pretend you don't know things you do know!". Hesitantly she said, "I...Isos...Isosceles?"
I died laughing, gave her a big hug and apologized for my impatience. I was just going for triangle, kiddo, but Isosceles will work too.

After recently explaining to Elle how penalty laps are given for faster/nicer cars in Jay's chump race to even the playing field, she was outside staging a bike race with Dad. Don't forget, Daddy-- you'll have to start in the back because you have longer legs and a nicer bike".

Elise, playing with the telephone once it started making that beeping sound after the dial tone has been left on too long, "Mommy, can you turn dis off? It 'noyin* me"

Elise, abruptly getting up from the table at dinner, "I'm going to poop. Don't let Elle eat my food".

Riding home from school, I said something about the red and yellow fish on Elise's dress.
Elise: FISH?! I fowt* they were fowers**! All day LONG I fowt* they were fowers**!"