Thursday, October 23, 2014


Life is full of firsts. Perhaps some are better left undocumented, like the first black eye face and the subsequent first terrify-mommy-that-you-have-a-closed-head-injury. 

Chasing a cat down an unexpected flight of stairs. 
Other firsts seem perfectly memorable in photos, until you read the fine print.
Like first soccer game...

Which became first hold-on-to-mommy's-leg-and-refuse-to-participate. 
There's always a first next year.

Like Mommy's first day back to work after maternity leave.

Which lasted about 2 hours before turning into Mommy's-first-drive-back-home-to-pick-up-sick-Elise. 

Then there are the bonafide traditional firsts. 
First bath. 

First view of the ocean.

She warmed up to both events. Really.

First haircut.

First food. 

And absolutely epic FirstFoodFaces

First tooth lost.

And first tooth gained.

First day of First Grade.

And first time on the bus.

First mastery of shapes and colors.

First trip to the library.

Life is full of firsts. Life is full, period.