Sunday, July 22, 2012

Latest round of Elle-isms

On the way to one of my (childless) colleague's house for a cookout, after having bought an industrial-sized pack of Barbie panties at Costco: Good thing I have all these panties... in case they ask me to spend the night!

Probably not going to happen E, but way to be prepared...
To the dance teacher, on the first class of a summer dance camp: Mommy bought me a new re-o-tard! Me, quickly and with an unbelievably red face: LE-LE-LEEEEotard. She means LEOTARD!

After a double-party day at school (ridiculous overload of morning and afternoon confections): Elle: Mommy, can I have dessert?
Me: Sweetheart, you've had 2 cupcakes, cookies, chips, and a popsicle at school today!
Elle: You forgot the gummy worms.

You're not helping your case there, kiddo...
Hanging out in the kitchen with us after finishing breakfast:
E (running off to the playroom): I've been spending too long doing grown-up stuff... time to play!"

Overheard from the playroom (singing): "I'll marry you once, I'll marry you twiiiice, but I won't marry you naked, Belle"
I'm probably going to get censored from Blogger for this...
After being cooped up in an air-conditionless house all day waiting for the repair man to arrive: "Mommy, I'm so bored that eating these green beans is fun!"

When said repairman finally arrived (8 hours late) he is accosted by Elle, hands on hips: Where were you? We've been waiting. I had to miss the dentist and my teeth feel yucky!

Don't offend him until he fixes the air, My Sassy One.

At Elise's baptism lunch: You're welcome for that cake, Mimi. Cause we brought it. 

I told her how to spell Thank You and she wrote this. Not bad for a 3 year old...
Walking out of a friend's birthday party:
Friend's Mom to Friend's Dad: Travis, did you get the keys?
Elle: Why did she call you Travis?
Friend's Dad: Because that's my name.
Elle: I don't think that can be a person's name. How about Tristan?

After waking up from nap to find that Aunt Stephanie and Uncle Brice had left for the airport after a quick weekend visit: This is the worst day ever! Send them a picture of my sad face!"

Seriously, does it get more pitiful than this? Heart. Breaking.

Me: It's Elise's half-birthday!
Elle: Does she get cake?
Me: No, she's not quite big enough for cake yet.
Elle: Well, can I have her cake then?

And, in keeping with the cake theme (a very important topic in our household indeed)
Me: Elle, can you please pick up that toy you left on the ground?
Elle: I can't, it will hurt my back.
Me, sternly: Elle, you will not get a backache from picking up your toys.
Elle: Pause. Giggle. Mom, that sounds like something a sheep would eat.... Baaaaa-cake!
Me, totally perplexed and finally getting it: It's sad when your kid's jokes are already over your head.

Monday, July 16, 2012

The Big Four

Framed For Her Birthday
Party invitations and announcements for college graduates.
View the entire collection of cards.

Saturday, July 14, 2012

One Half Year.

Dearest Elise,

How quickly the past 6 months have gone. 
You've gone from my tiny little dark haired bundle of newborness to the sweetest, funniest, smiling-est big blue-eyed 6-month-old ever to grace this planet. Over the past few months, you've evolved into a super mellow baby-- pretty much content with whatever comes your way... with the caveat that someone (gradually narrowing down to me) is holding you, talking to you, or interacting with you in some way. You love people, and attention. But once that need is met, pretty much anything goes. You can absolutely light up a room with your giant smile and infectious giggle. Everyone agrees that there aren't many babies your age that smile and laugh as much as you. It melts my heart, and you obviously know it. Other teachers at daycare stop by the infant room during their lunch on bad days just so your smile can cheer them up. You smile and flirt like crazy with anyone you meet, then adorably burrow your head into my chest like you're pretending to be shy. 

It is for these moments I wish I had some sort of cosmic pause button, some way to bottle you up just the way you are this instant in time, so that when you continue this crazy fast growing up, I could go back to that snuggle, those tiny little fists, that inexplicably wonderful baby smell, just for a moment. 

At 6 months, you can't quite sit up by yourself although you're not too far from it. You can roll over with ease and spin around on your tummy to face the object of your affection (usually your sister). You can cover ground with some form of transportation I have yet to figure out-- I never see it in action but often I find you several feet from where I left you. You coo, "growl", babble, and laugh. I'm convinced you once said "Mama, Bye", but only Elle believes me on that one. 

I'm proud of the fact that for 6 months the only thing that went into your mouth (except that yummy Prevacid) has been breastmilk. I'd like to attribute that to the fact that you avoided sickness until your half-birthday, when you got a little cold. We still celebrated though (you'll soon find out that your mom will find any reason to celebrate)-- with your first taste of rice cereal. You were rather indifferent to it, but you've since given rave reviews to oatmeal and squash. Incidentally, your sister was a big squash fan too. And your Nana tells the story that Mommy turned yellow from all the squash she ate when she was a baby. So you upheld the tradition.

Your 6 month stats put you right at the 50% for height and weight-- just perfect. You cried for 2.3 seconds after your shots, then just snuggled in my arms and started smiling again. How I cherish these days when I can magically make everything better. 

Your temperament is the exact opposite of your big sister's-- she has always been the high maintenance, high needs, high-strung type while you are much more mellow and content. But apparently all that daytime frenzy tired her out because from about 12 weeks on, Elle would predictably sleep 12 hours at night. You haven't quite mastered the full-night's-sleep thing, although we are slowly improving. The past few weeks you usually sleep from 7-7:30 until 4ish, then eat and go back to sleep until I wake you up for school. Not bad at all, but I'd love to get you out of that 4am snack habit. It's a work in progress. 

Some of your favorite things:

Me. I know it's short-lived, so I'll enjoy every second of it while I can.

Your big sister. She can make you laugh like no one else, even if she does consistently decide that whatever toy you are playing with is her long-lost favorite. You are incredibly tolerant of this. 
Your teachers at daycare. Your face lights up when you see them in the morning. This definitely makes it easier for me to leave you, although I always linger just a bit too long saying goodbye to you.

Your family. Daddy, Nanny, Sandy, Nana, Grampa, Mimi, Stephanie are smitten with you and it's obvious you like it that way.
Being lifted in the air like you're flying.

Books. Often there is more entertainment value in eating the pages than the plot, but you love being read to. I'm hoping you keep this love for reading (and roughage) like your sister.

Your nicknames:
Little E
Leesey (Your teachers and Elle)
Winston (Churchill)-- thank Dad for this one. 

I couldn't ask for a sweeter, more awesome baby. Happy Half Birthday. I love you more than anything.

Friday, July 6, 2012

Just another day...

What, your mechanic doesn't wear a princess costume and fairy wings while servicing your car?

I leave the room for 10 seconds and come back to find Elise wearing these. Thanks, sis. 

Some toys are on clearance for a reason. In the future, they would have to pay me to take Moon Dough off their hands. And the fee would have to be enough to cover the Moon Maid Service as well as punitive damages for my Moon Pain and Suffering.

Yes, of course I can hold the baby, the Snow White doll I asked you to leave in the car, and the incomprehensively annoying plastic trumpet you picked out when I won the "Guess Your Weight" contest while you go play with the toys on display. God gave me twenty-two two hands for a reason.

One of the benefits of being a radiologist is the ability to bring the littlest Golding to work with me on weekend mornings. Clearly, Mommy's work is exhausting.

Rough life for this kid. To hear her whine sometimes, you'd think she has to park her bike on a (gasp) concrete garage floor...

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Sibling Comparisons

Pretty sure this is the same kid. Except it's not. Apparently the Golding Girls have similar sleeping faces...

What I really wanted to capture in this comparison is the constant stream of drool that adheres to my offsprings' chin. Unfortunately you can't see it so well in Elise's picture. Ironically, Elle freaks out when the dreaded Baby Drool gets anywhere near her stuff. And by "her" stuff, I mean pretty much every object in existence. Unless it's broken. Then it's yours. 

Trouble. Double trouble.

Family Bath Montage. This collection of photos may or may not falsely represent how clean we actually are in the Golding family... 

First solids. It remains to be seen if little E will have the same gourmet palate as her foodie sis...

Universal Grampa Love. 

Sensory overload. And we wonder why ADHD is so prevalent these days... Oh look! A duck! And butterflies! And a turtle whose tail clicks! And they ALL make noise!

And finally, a mother-daughter comparison I couldn't resist. Would you believe she gets the melodramatic personality from her Dad? Scary, I know.