Wednesday, May 28, 2014

And then there were Three

I can maintain three children (if barely at times). But apparently three children and one blog is stretching it. So I'm accepting the fact that I won't be able to chronicle all the big  medium-sized trivial events in their lives, and may just have to resort to a highlights reel at times. Sans witty banter. 
For now, a pictorial tour of the Three Girls That Call Me Mommy...

This is why I reproduce.

Em's first of many book times

Nothing better.

Em's first stroll

Nothing says sisterly bonding like watching Olympic curling together

Oh Em, you have no idea what's in store...

"Can I hold EM-ah-son?"

One of these girls looks happier about the holding arrangement than the other...

I think they're talking about me. 

They may be too.

Ready for school-- a feat of untold proportions

Seriously, where are the groceries supposed to go?


Love Love.

Guess my supervision may have been a little lacking here...

Lunch at Elle's school

Elise: Did you know our sister is a fairy? This will come in handy over the years...

Fairy kisses and sister kisses. Life is good.
Life is good, indeed.