Sunday, August 29, 2010

Elle takes on DC

Reluctant to disclose her political aspirations, Elle devoted her time in DC to pleasure, not business. Once Ikea and Costco were out of the way (twice each), she tackled the Zoo. I'm pretty sure she had more fun on the escalator and Metro than at the zoo, which is not to say the zoo wasn't thoroughly enjoyed... just that the pure joy of riding up and down the magical moving staircase and whooshing through underground homicide scenes tunnels was difficult to top. Upon seeing the other passengers holding onto the pole on the Metro, E assumed this position. I think she may be a big city girl after all.

I had a tough time answering the deluge of "What that is?" with this guy, but ended up announcing decidedly that he's an Aardvark, although I fully expected her to correct me. She humored me this time and let me think that she thinks that I'm smart. Whew.

Ummm.... fox? I mean, Alopex lagopus, of course.

Seriously, we did actually see some real animals. Only they were difficult to photograph through the plexiglass and/or hiding in the distant shade. And these guys were much more willing to pose with my daughter. And allow her to touch them in not-so-socially acceptable places.

Yeah, I know. That Panda is a good sport.

She was rather infatuated with the multi-colored giant pagoda-tummied bear. Mimi and Grampa also fell under the Panda's spell. He's working on world dominion. You heard it here first.

We saw the Monument... or Big Tall White Building, as Elle affectionately refers to it.

We showed a little leg at the Jefferson Memorial

And we acted actually were embarrassed that Jefferson saw our panties.

We ran through the grass with a grumpy look on our face.

We made appearances at the Museum of Natural History (Dinosoooors!) and the Air and Space Museum (Airpanes!)

And we left with the souvenier without which no 2-year-old's trip to DC would be complete...

Yep, a spacesuit.

I didn't have the hear to tell her that the pink patent leather shoes weren't very practical for moonwalking. And that they clash with the spacesuit.

Apparently in all of the hullabaloo to make the family trip to our nation's capital memorable (oh and for Mommy to work), we forgot basic things like watering our child. We do have indoor plumbing, E.

Welcome home.

Monday, August 23, 2010

Just like home...

Living in DC for a month would have been a lot more fun 2 years, one marriage, and one offspring ago. But since every radiology resident in the country (and internationally) has to do it, I guess (for once) the rules apply to me too. I can't say that I didn't count down the days till I could come home, that I didn't wallow in melodrama seemingly out of proportion to the actual time I had to spend away from E, or that I didn't REALLY appreciate my Stearns-and-Foster upon my return. Grampa and Mimi eased my plight by bringing Elle up for a long weekend and I hit the road for her birthday weekend stopping only when my GPS lady insisted I do so by "suggesting" a rest stop. She's starting to become pretty controlling, but that's another post...
In the end, we survived. And although I feared Elle would face the world every day while I was gone dressed like this:

I think they managed just fine. Dirty Dancing meets Punky Brewster look notwithstanding.

Little did I know upon my arrival just how much I'd miss the comforts of home. Stearns and Foster and superautomatic coffee machine might be asking too much, but I thought lights, air-conditioning, and other electric necessities would be... well... necessary. Unfortunately, this is what I pulled up to after turning onto the street of my DC house. Could have used the heads-up on this one, GPS lady.

Yes that's a power line under that tree. And a car. And part of a house. One might think our nation's capital would be efficient at restoring power to its inhabitants. One would be wrong. 4 days of dark, hot, canned-tuna eating.

But wait, there's more. 2 weeks later a second monstrosity of a storm (tsunami?) hit. 2 of the most destructive storms in DC history both during my stay? Seriously?
The entrance of my friends' apartment where I was seeking solace from the first bout of inclement weather looked like this:

More tree carnage.

And 3 more days without power. Go ahead, pity me.

Finally, Jay and Elle arrived and we attempted some sightseeing.

Attempt# 1.

Attempt #2.

Attempt #3. At least Doggie finally woke up. Look Doggie, Monument!

Well rested, Elle devoted full attention to the MUST-SEE activities for every 2 year old in DC:


The Brrrrrr Room at Costco.
And reading a pirate book to her baby while sitting in a bucket of sorts.

Just. Like. Home.

Slightly more typical trip-to-DC pictures to follow...

Thursday, August 19, 2010


In some crazy time-warp reminiscent of those green planters that Mario used to squat into in the old school Nintendo days, my baby is now officially two. I haven't the time nor the emotional fortitude to attempt pairing blog-worthy words with the enormity of the occasion. My baby. It seems like just yesterday, and yet an absolute lifetime ago that we brought the little wrinkly one home from the hospital, ready to take on the world from day one. And from day one she filled a hole in our family that we had no clue even existed. Not that there weren't wee-hour-in-the-morning conversations about listing her on ebay (well, maybe just once), or elaborate contraptions derived to eek out a few more minutes of sleep (may the velcro device never fall into enemy hands), or moments of collapse from utter exhaustion/frustration. But now that my first baby is officially no longer a baby, I know I would never trade a single moment for anything in the world.

Happy Birthday E, my precocious little one who communicates in full sentences and amazes me every day with your vocabulary, understanding of very grown-up concepts, your compassion for your family, friends, and various inanimate objects, and your sweet sweet smile. Why you think it's hilarious to lick my arm I do not know, but to hear that laugh I'll gladly be licked silly.

My mom says when I was very young I told her that I loved the periwinkle blue crayon so much it made my heart hurt. I think I remember how that must have felt, only now with the jumbo 164-count box of all periwinkle blues. Elle and Jay, you are my periwinkles and I love you more than you'll ever know.

Ready to party

E (enthusiastically) greets her guests

She might be smiling if Mom could carry a tune...

More After:

Waaaay after:

E opens clothes and takes the opportunity for an outfit change:
But deems pants an unnecessary accessory.

Giggling at Pooh's antics in a birthday book
Sous Chef Elle
Elle's 0th birthday
1st birthday

Happy 2nd Birthday Elle!