Saturday, March 28, 2015

Thanksgiving, belated.

Yes, it's almost April. 

But we're still Thankful.

For "X Chromomes" (Dad), and "Milk" (Emerson), and "The whole entire world" (Elle), and "My family" (Elise)

For handmade turkey placecards.

And a wonderful family to fill the seats.
For good food.

And sweet endings.

For turkey clad babies.

And a verbose oldest child.

Who is also thankful for "Helthy food", "safe home", "church", "My sisters", "my community", and "My contry"
For a frigid trip to the mountains to pick out the biggest perfect Christmas tree. 

And for a photo that Emerson can use as leverage against her mom for the rest of her life. 

As Thankful as we were in November. 
Probably even a little bit more. 

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